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Bertha has a unique style of integrating techniques from several different modalities she has studied over the years. Hawaiian, deep tissue (including Ashiatsu), trigger point therapy, medical massage, positional release, are a few of her favorite styles from which to choose. By customizing each treatment based on a client's needs, they receive an effective, personalized massage.*  No matter how firm or gentle you prefer your treatment, every massage is therapeutic and beneficial! 


A client's comfort (re. pressure, temperature, position, etc.) is most important in any treatment, so communication between client and therapist is key.**  


* Any treatment can be adapted to allow for a client to be fully clothed, if preferred. 

**Please be sure to inform your therapist of any sensitivities or allergies to scents, lotions, or essential oils when scheduling.



As with all therapeutic massage, an integrated treatment helps prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle spasms, and reduce stress.  It also stimulates the immune system and promotes overall health and wellness.  By integrating techniques from different modalities into one treatment, the therapist and client can decide how to best treat various musculoskeletal problems in one session.



A Hawaiian Massage (also referred to as Lomi Lomi) consists of bodywork that flows and is very soothing.  The strokes are applied with the therapist’s forearms, elbows and hands using a connected rhythmic motion.  Pressure is applied according to the client’s needs and requests.


This technique works gently and deeply into the muscles through the use of long, continuous, flowing strokes. The movement of the therapists hands, combined with the power of compassionate touch, also helps harmonize the client's body, mind and soul. Hawaiian massage promotes healing, helps relieve muscle pain, stress and tension as well as improve blood and lymph flow (to help rid the body of toxins) and gives an overall feeling of well-being.

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