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Ashiatsu Massage offers the ultimate deep-tissue therapy. From the Japanese word "ashi", meaning foot, and "atsu" meaning pressure, this massage involves the therapist's use of overhead bars for balance to create a fluid massage with consistent pressure.



By using sanitized, padded soles, the therapist can create a deeper, more effective compression massage with gliding strokes over the body's muscles. The feel is not only comfortably deeper, but even more soothing than traditional massage. Therefore, the client's parasypmathetic nervous system is more stimulated, allowing them to slip into deeper relaxation.


Ashiatsu helps bring about release and structural change in chronically sore, tight tissues with more comfortable, cushioned tools. By elongating the spine, Ashiatsu helps create more space in the spinal column which can help alleviate pain and discomfort. It also stimulates the circulatory and lymph systems and creates a more effective treatment in less time. The resulats of Ashiatsu are more satisfactory, effective and longer lasting.


As always, a client's comfort is important in any treatment, so communication between client and therapist is key. 

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